Tomo's Art

Anime style illustrations

Here you can find information on my commissions I'm currently taking, and find the form to request one as well.If you can't afford a commission but want to support me, feel free to leave a tip on my ko-fi! ❤ I may have special ko-fi commissions open at any time as well, so keep an eye on that!Commissions are currently: CLOSEDClick here to check my work list!


  • These are digital commissions, which means that I will not be mailing any physical items to you.

  • I retain the rights to use these commissions as examples of my work.

  • Clients may repost their commissions with or without the watermark, as it isn't required and only requested as a courtesy. I will email a copy of the watermarked image as well just in case it's wanted for reposting.

  • You may not use these commissions for NFTs, blockchain, or other crypto- based services, nor may you upload onto AI image generation websites or databases.

  • These commissions are for personal use only, and if you want to add commercial usage to them, it would include a 100% markup on the base price. (The total would be 2x the listed price)

  • Payment will be sent via Paypal invoice, and is required to be paid in full before receiving the finished commission. If you can't pay all at once, let me know! I usually allow split payments, especially for higher priced commissions.

  • Since the payment will not be requested until after the sketch is approved, I will not accept refunds.

  • Any infringement on these terms, or if you act like a jerk during the process, will result in you being blacklisted without warning.


Standard Commission - $ 60

  • Single character only

  • Simple shading with solid color background, as pictured

Anime Screenshot Style - $ 85

  • 1-2 characters max

  • Can include a line of text as a subtitle as well

  • Drawn in widescreen (4K)

Illustration Commission - $ 350

  • One character, half body

  • Background included - I'm best with natural backgrounds vs. architectural ones, but we can always discuss best options!

  • Default is portrait orientation, but just let me know if you want it landscape instead


  • Original characters

  • Fanart (I may add an additional fee if the character designs are complex, such as DnD, Final Fantasy, and/or Genshin Impact)

  • Characters of various ages - check my social media galleries to make sure my style is what you want

  • Blood and some gore


  • Furry art or animals

  • NSFW

  • Mecha/armor

  • Real people