Tomo (Artifedex)

ADHD / Autistic Artist extraordinaire
Also I like anime and stuff, yeah
Check out all my links at the bottom of the page!


I am a 30+ year old trans and aro/ace artist working part time in retail, as well as doing art and amateur manga scanlation on the side.
Self-diagnosed both ADHD and Autistic.
I'm a huge anime otaku and also obsess over my OCs a lot.Check out all my social links at the bottom of the page!

My Main Fandoms

This is a list of media I usually indulge in on my social media! It isn't everything, but it is the main bunch!

Biggest fandoms:
-My OCs / Orehiki (lmao)
-Ensemble Stars!!
-Genshin Impact
-Ghost of Tsushima
-Nobunaga Concerto
-Mo Dao Zu Shi / Founder of Diabolism / Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation
-Key (Little Busters!, Air, Kanon, etc.)
-Really anything by 07th Expansion in general
Other media you'll see a lot of:
-Tian Guan Ci Fu / Heaven Official's Blessing
-Detective Conan
-Fullmetal Alchemist
Topics/Interests that aren't related to fandoms:
-Japanese History
-GReeeeN (music artist)

I don't really have any NOTPs, and will RT / share a lot of different ships and dynamics of vary types from various media, so if you are someone who gets really disturbed by certain ships, it's better not to follow! Or you can turn off my retweets!I also don't RT anything explicitly NSFW, but may occasionally like a suggestive fanart so just be warned!

Do you do commissions / trades / requests?
No, I'm closed for business right now.
Are you a Vtuber?
Not really, but kinda? I'm a pngtuber and mostly just an artist with a persona.
What do you think about [insert anything deemed "problematic"]?
I don't.
What tools do you use for art?
Dell XPS with win10
Huion Kamvas Pro 16 tablet
Do you make tutorials?
Nope, I don't have that kind of time and energy!